LED 1×1′ Superbright Dimmable Bi-Color


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The Socanland Superbrite is the brightest 1×1 LED Light Panel on the market, guaranteed. This light brings twice the LEDs and twice the wattage of the D-50CTD/50CTD.

The original Socanland 1×1 is 50W, this light is 100W giving you an extremely long throw of 5200lux @ 1m. The Superbrite features a Digital Screen that shows you your current color temperature in kelvins and brightness level from 0-255. The digital screen is great when trying to re-create lighting scenes. It can also be valuable when making sure that multiple lights have the same color temperature.

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– Color Temperature: Bi-Color, 3200K – 5600K and anywhere in between.
– Power: 100 Watts (1250 Watt Equiv.).
– Included Accessories: AC Adapter, Yoke (standard 5/8"), Gold Mount battery plate.
– Weight: 4 Pounds (3 pounds if the yoke is removed for hand-held shots).
– LED Count: 2304.
– Beam Angel: 60° (Flood).
– Dimmer: 0-100%.
– Dimensions: 1' x 1' x 2'".