FREEFLY TERO Remote Controlled Camera Vehicle for MOVI 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizers


Key Features
  • Radio controlled vehicle for MoVI or Ronin 3-axis gimbal stabilizers
  • Captures dynamic low-angle perspectives
  • High-performance brushless electric motor
  • Vibration isolation system utilizing wire rope isolators
  • Radio transmitter included for controlling the TERO
  • Aluminum cheeseplate for mounting MoVI and accessories
  • Integrated Freefly Toad-In-Hole quick release system
Rental Includes: 
  • (1) FREEFLY TERO RC car for 3-Axis Gimbals
  • (2) LiPo TERO Car Batteries
  • (1) LiPo Battery Charger
  • (1) Radio Transmitter for TERO
  • (1) Toad (Male Adapter) for Freefly Quick-Release System
  • (1) Pelican 1730 Rolling case


The Freefly TERO is a remote-controlled 4-wheel vehicle designed to hold an optional MoVI M5, M10, or M15 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. By combining the stabilization of the MoVI with a custom vibration isolation system, the TERO makes it possible to capture smooth, dynamic low-angle shots as you chase the action. You can now get your camera in the middle of a stunt scene or other situation that would be dangerous for a human operator, all while maintaining complete control and stability of your shots. A top cheeseplate makes it easy to mount your MoVI and all accessories. For controlling the TERO car, a radio transmitter is included. Other gimbal stabilizers, such as a Ronin, can also be adapted to mount to this platform. When renting the TERO with one of our Freefly MoVI units, you will find that all of our models feature Freefly’s “Toad-In-Hole” quick release system. This allows you to quickly go from TERO shots to handheld in seconds.

Note: Camera gimbal not included.

Check out the TERO in action with this behind the scenes video from Freefly…