FREEFLY MOVI M10 3-Axis Gyro Stabilized Handheld Camera Gimbal


The Freefly Movi M10 Gimbal is an advanced stabilization rig for professional camera systems.

Key features include:

  • Supports up to 10 lbs. of equipment
  • Multiple control modes
  • Live wireless tuning/graphing
  • Sturdy, lightweight construction

Advanced Stabilization System. The Freefly Movi M10 Gimbal is an advanced stabilization rig for professional camera systems. It has a little brother, the Movi M5, and a big brother, the Movi M15.

Build Quality. The M10 has all of the features Movi users already know (and love) including Majestic Mode (patent pending), lightweight carbon-fiber construction, live wireless tuning/graphing, silent drive, American manufacturing, and tech support.

No Camera Cage. This version of the M10 doesn’t feature a full camera cage. If you need a full cage, please consider the M15 here.

Large Body Design. The M10 is made to accommodate some of the taller Digital Cinema Cameras.

It’s complicated. The M10 isn’t what one would call a “turn-key” solution. It requires a significant amount of training and practice to get good results. Start learning here.


Rental Includes: 

  • Movi M10
  • Monitor mount
  • (2) Batteries
  • Battery charger with leads
  • Stand Adapter (fits 5/8″ Stud)
  • Pelican Storm hard case w/custom insert
  • 3mm driver
  • 2.5mm driver
  • 1.5mm driver


The Freefly MOVI M10 Digital 3-Axis Gyro Stabilized Handheld Camera Gimbal redefines the possibilities for aerial camera movement. The heart of the gimbal is Freefly’s proprietary high performance IMU and brushless direct drive system. The gimbal is 100% custom designed in-house by the engineering team. No compromises were made to accommodate off-the-shelf brushless motors, motor drives or IMUs. Creating the gimbal from scratch allowed Freefly to precisely execute vision for the next generation of stabilized camera gimbals.

Majestic Mode
Majestic Mode allows for a single operator to intuitivley control the pointing of the gimbal by moving the handles without compromising the stabilization of the image. The gimbal takes the operators movements and intelligently converts them into stabilized pan and tilt movements. This allows for the very low profile single operator set up and accurate framing in tight situations.

Live Wireless Tuning Graphing
A next generation stabilizing gimbal deserves a fast, intuitive and user friendly GUI (graphical user interface). The MoVI features a real-time bluetooth connection to the gimbal, which outputs all pertinent performance, data and allows for live adjustment of any of the gimbal parameters.

Drift Free Horizon
The proprietary control algorithms developed for the MoVI utilize a very high accuracy GPS. This GPS allows for acceleration correction when the gimbal is used outdoors and has a GPS signal. This feature is useful when used on cars and helicopters where sustained extreme acceleration forces can cause non-GPS aided systems to drift.

Remote Firmware Updatable
The MoVI stabilized camera system is remote firmware updatable. As the system is used in varying cinema applications, Freefly is constantly inventing new solutions for the rigors operators face in using the system to execute demanding shots.

Shot Recorder
The system has the ability to record the exact camera position, height, camera pan, tilt and roll angle to assist the the VFX team in post-production.

Custom Direct Drive Motors
High torque and lightweight are two attributes that don’t usually go together. Drawing on years of brushless motor design experience, Freefly was able to create a remarkably lightweight motor that still has enough torque to handle larger camera packages.

Silent Drive
Capturing on-camera audio is no problem with the MoVI, as the system is virtually silent. Because the entire motor / drive system was designed in-house, Freefly were able to reduce the noise frequency signature of the gimbal to a virtually inaudible level.

Translation Compensation
The system features patent pending translation compensation, whereby the system will automatically adjust the camera will be moving so fast that no human operator could possibly keep up. The MoVI can accurately adjust the frame hundreds of times per second to keep the subject in frame as the camera translates.

Advanced Cinema Functions
The MoVI has a host of advanced features designed to assist cinema professionals in executing complex shots.

User Adjustable Shakey Cam
In some instances, camera movement / shake is a desirable aesthetic choice. The difficult part is quantifying the amount and type of ‘shake’ to effectively convey the emotion of the scene. the MoVI overcomes this limitation by allowing the user to define variable noise filters that mimic the users movements. Being able to control the level of ‘noise’ is highly useful, as it can be difficult for a human operator to accurately maintain a consistent level of camera movement, especially while keeping a compelling frame. With the patent pending MoVI noise filter, the camera operator can focus on framing and the MoVI takes care of the rest consistently and repeatably.

Weight: 3.9lb / 1.8kg
Camera cage dimensions: 140mm(L) x 200mm(W) x 200mm(H)
Maximum payload: 12lb / 5.44kg with compatible camera / lens combinations

Camera Support. The M10 is designed as the ultimate blend in size and weight and able to take cameras ranging from a small DSLR up to the most professional cinema cameras.